Eliminate HR Burdens

Custom Packages

Adjustable to fit your companies preferences

Specialized help when you need it.

When you partner with Zooks Solutions Inc. we take on the risk of recruiting, hiring and employing. You enjoy reduced costs and fewer administrative headaches.

We work with you to identify your specific job requirements and then hire experienced Miners with all required certifications.

Zooks Solutions Inc.

Hourly Rates: Fully adjustable to meet the needs of each customer and employee.

Optional Benefits: We believe when you provide employees with some benefits, they will be more satisfied, be less likely to quit, have higher commitment, and be more productive. Also we are able to attract the best candidates in this highly competitive market.

Leave Bank (Optional): Employee accrues negotiated hours of leave bank per week, to be used for approved days off to keep employees paycheck whole.

Minor Medical: (Optional) Includes 2 Chiropractic visits per month and Doctor Office visits for personal illness.